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Returns/Refund Policy

Shall you find any problem for your order, please notify us upon receive the order immediately as most of our order is perishable. We will give you a free-replacement. Any complaints received after 24 hours will not be entertained.

Online orders cannot be cancelled & refund once the payment has been made. There will be a 50% cancellation charges if order has been attempted. There will be no refund where payment has been made. A credit note, valid for the next 6 months, will instead be issued in lieu of the refund.

At Sister Flower & Gifts, we believe strongly in customer service. We guarantee fresh, attractive floral arrangements that the recepient is certain to enjoy. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase when it is delivered, do not hesitate to contact us by :

Email : enquiry@sisterflower.com.my      0r
Contact No  :  019 386 7662   /  +603-7839 9870

Unavailability of products :

In the event any products become unavailable at the time of production, Sister Flower & Gifts reserves the right to substitute.

Holiday Orders

Holidays are busy times at Sister Flower & Gifts, so it pays to place your orders early. Prior to certain holidays, we will post specific delivery schedules.

Terms & Conditions Delivery Areas

  • For deliveries outside the Free Delivery Area, but within Klang Valley a minimum surcharge of RM30  will be levied.
  • For deliveries outside Klang valley, but within Malaysia, a surcharge of RM30 will be levied.
  • For deliveries Oustation a minimum surcharge of RM60  will be levied.
  • For deliveries East Malaysia (major cities/towns), a minimum surchage of RM80 will be levied.
  • For deliveries within Malaysia (non-floral items), delivery charges will depend on the size and weight of package.

Free Delivery Areas ( Klang Valley – Federal Territory and Selangor )

Sister Flower & Gifts offers free delivery services within “Free Delivery Zone”. Delivery charges outside of “Free Delivery Zone” but within Klang Valley vary according to distance and the mode of delivery. Depending on the nature of your desired deliver; delivery policies and minimum order amount RM180 - RM200. Please refer to the area listing below for gifts.

Delivery Days: We deliver every day! That's right. Monday - Sundays and on Public Holidays.

Delivery Time: We deliver from 9:00am to 6:00pm. For special request, contact our Customer Service at 019 386 7662   /  +603-7839 9870 or
enquiry@sisterflower.com.my / enquiry@flowerbouquetmalaysia.com


Delivery Area for Flowers

Minimum Order
Flower purchases for smaller towns and districts are subjected to a minimum order RM180-RM200 . This minimum order is determined by factors such as the distance of the area from our shops / associates, the access roads to the area and the availability of fresh flowers in the respective States. For example, Tanjung Malim which borders around Selangor and Perak is 150 km away from a major town and the nearest florist is 40KM (1 hour away). Hence, a minimum order is required to make the trip worthwhile as the daily accumulated orders to these areas are usually quite minimal. Minimum Order specified below refers to the minimum for hand bouquet. The minimum for Floral stand of new business grand opening, sympathy condolences, fruits & flowers, cakes and other gifts will be much higher.

We deliver to the following States within Malaysia and Singapore :

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Selangor
  • Johor
  • Kedah
  • Kelantan
  • Melaka
  • Negeri Sembilan
  • Pahang
  • Perak
  • Perlis
  • Pulau Pinang (Penang)
  • Sabah
  • Sarawak
  • Terengganu


We are currently delivering your flowers and gifts Free of Charge within the Klang Valley. Below is our official “Free Delivery Zone” segregated by postal code. There is currently a minimum order of RM180 - RM200 for these orders.

Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Kuala Lumpur 50000 - 60000 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) Free
Petaling Jaya 46000 - 46999 RM180 - RM200
47200 - 47499 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) Free
Subang Jaya 47500 - 47699 RM180 - RM200
Shah Alam 40000 - 40999 RM180 - RM200
Klang Town 41050 - 41150 RM180 -RM200 (USD60-67) Free
Bandar Puchong Jaya 47100 - 47190 RM180 -RM200 (USD60-67) Free
Batu Caves 68100 RM180 -RM200
Ampang 68000 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) Free



Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Bandar Puncak Alam 42300 RM180 -RM200
RM45 (USD15)
Batang Berjuntai 45600 - 45620 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM80 (USD26.6)
Batang Kali 44300 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM80 (USD16.6)
Banting 42700 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Bangi 43600 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Beranang 43700 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Bukit Rotan 45700 RM180 - RM200 (USD50-60) RM80 (USD26.6)
Cheras, Batu 9 43200 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM35 (USD11.6)
Cyberjaya 63000 - 63300 RM180 - RM200
RM50 (USD16.6)
Dengkil 43800 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50  (USD16.6)
Hulu Langat 43100 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Jenjarom 42600 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Jeram 45800 RM180 - RM200
RM80 (USD26.6)
KLIA 64000 RM180 -RM200 (USD60-67) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kajang 43000 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kapar 42200 RM180- RM200 (USD60-67) RM45 (USD15)
Kerling 44100 - 44110 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Klang 2 41000 RM180 - RM200
RM45 (USD15)
41200 - 41990 RM180 - RM200 (US60-67) RM45 (USD15)
Kuala Kubu Baru 44000 – 44020 RM180-RM200 (USD60-67) RM60 (USD20)
Kuala Selangor 45000 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM80 (USD26.6)
Port Klang 42000 - 42100 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Pulau Indah / Carey 42920 - 42960 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM60 (USD20)
Putrajaya 62000 - 62988 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Rasa 44200 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Rawang 48000 RM180-RM200 (USD60-67) RM60 (USD20)
Sabak Bernam 45200 - 45209 RM180 -RM200 (USD60-67) RM80 (USD26.6)
Sekinchan 45400 RM1800 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM80 (USD26.6)
Semenyih 43500 - 43558 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM50 (USD16.6)
Sepang 43900 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM80 (USD26.6)
Seri Kembangan 43300 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM35 (USD11.6)
Sungai Ayer Tawar 45100 RM180 -  RM200 (USD60-67) RM80 (USD26.6)
Sungai Besar 45300 RM180 - RM200
RM80 (USD26.6)
Sungai Buloh 47000 RM180 - RM200   (USD60-67) RM45 (USD15)
Sungai Pelek 43950 RM180 -RM200
RM80 (USD26.6)
Tanjung Karang 45500 RM150 - RM180 (USD50-60) RM80 (USD26.6)
Tanjong Sepat 42800 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM60 (USD20)
Telok Panglima Garang 42425 - 42509 RM180 - RM200 (USD60-67) RM60 (USD20)

Kindly call our Customer Service for areas that are not listed above.

You will be prompted on the amount to pay for delivery while filling in your order form. For certain areas, however, if an amount is not available, unconfirmed, inadequate due to weight difference or if there is to be any changes to delivery charges, our customer service officer will notify you before your order is processed.

Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Ayer Baloi 82100 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Ayer Hitam 86100 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Ayer Tawar 2 81920 RM250 (USD83.3) RM150 (USD50)
Bakri 84200 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Bandar Penawar 81930 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Bandar Tenggara 81440 – 81450 RM150 (USD60) RM50 (USD16.6)
Batu Anam 85100 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Batu Pahat 83000 RM120 (USD60) RM50 (USD16.6)
Bekok 86500 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Benut 82200 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Bukit Gambir 84800 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Bukit Pasir 84300 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Chaah 85400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Endau 86900 RM250 (USD83.3) RM150 (USD50)
Gelang Patah 81550 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Gerisek 84700 RM250 (USD83.3) RM150 (USD50)
Jementah 85200 RM150 (USD60) RM50 (USD16.6)
Johor Bahru Town 80000 - 80990 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
81100 – 81310 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kahang 86700 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kluang 86000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kota Tinggi 81900 RM150 (USD50) RM100 (USD33.3)
Kukup 82300 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kulai 81000 RM1150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Labis 85300 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Labuan 87000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Layang-Layang 81850 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Masai 81750 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Mersing 86800 - 86810 RM150 (USD50) RM100 (USD33.3)
Muar 84000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Nusajaya 79000 - 79683 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Pagoh 84600 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Paloh 86600 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Panchor 84500 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Pasir Gudang 81700 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Parit Jawa 84150 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Parit Raja 86400 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Parit Sulong 83500 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Pekan Nanas 81500 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Pengerang 81600 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Pontian 82000 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Rengam 86300 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Renggit 83100 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Segamat 85000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD10)
Senai 81400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD10)
Senggarang 83200 RM150 (USD50) RM100 (USD33.3)
Semerah 83600 RM150 (USD50) RM45 (USD15)
Seri Gading 83300 RM150 (USD50) RM45 (USD15)
Seri Medan 83400 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Simpang Renggam 86200 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Sungai Mati 84400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Tangkak 84900 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Ulu Tiram 81800 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Yong Peng 83700 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)



Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Alor Setar 5000 – 5990’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
6250 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Ayer Hitam 6150 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Baling 9100 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Bedong 8100 - 8110 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Bukit Kayu Hitam 6050 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Gurun, Jeniang 8300 – 8330’ RM150 (USD40) RM50 (USD16.6)
8700 – 8800’ RM150 (USD40) RM50 (USD16.6)
Jitra 6000 – 6010 RM150 (USD40) RM50 (USD16.6)
Karangan 9700 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kepala Batas 6200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kodiang 6100 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kota Kuala Muda 8500 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kota Sarang Semut 6800 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kuala Kedah 6600 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kuala Ketil 9300 – 9310’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kuala Nerang 6300 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Kuala Pegang 9110 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kulim 9000 – 9020’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kupang 9200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Langgar 6500 – 6570’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Langkawi 7000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Lunas 9600 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Padang Serai 9400 – 9410’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Pokok Sena 6350 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Pendang 6700 – 6750’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Serdang 9800 – 9810’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Sik, Merbok 8200 – 8210’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
8340 – 8400’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Simpang Empat 6650 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Sungai Petani 8000 – 8010’ RM150 (USD50) RM0 (USD16.60)
8600 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Yan 6900 – 6910’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)



Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Bachok 16050 - 16070 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
16300 - 16320 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Gua Musang 18300 RM200 (USD66.6) RM120 (USD40)
Jeli 17600 RM150 (USD50) RM100 (USD33.3)
Ketereh, Pulai Chondong 16450 - 16500 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kota Bahru, Bachok 15000 – 16030’ RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD16.6)
16100 - 16150 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kuala Balah, Ayer Lanas 17610 - 17700 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kuala Krai, Dabong 18000 – 18200’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Machang 18500 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Melor 16400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Pasir Mas, Selising 16810 - 17070 RM150 (USD40) RM50 (USD16.6)
Pasir Puteh, Cherang Ruku 16700 - 16800 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Rantau Panjang 17200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Tanah Merah 17500 - 17510 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Temangan 18400 RM150 (USD50) RM100 (USD33.3)
Tumpat 16080 - 16090 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
16200 - 16250 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Wakaf Bharu 16040 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)



Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Alor Gajah 78000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Asahan 77100 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Ayer Keroh 75450 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Bemban 77200 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Durian Tunggal 76100 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Jasin 77000 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kem Trendak 76200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kuala Sungai Baru 78200 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Lubok China 78100 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Masjid Tanah 78300 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Melaka Town 75000 – 75400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
75460 - 75690 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
76450 RM150 (USD50) RM30 (USD16.60)
Merlimau 77300 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Selandar 77500 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Sungai Rambai 77400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Sungai Udang 76300 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Tanjong Kling 76400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)



Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Bahau 72100 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Gemas 73400 – 73480 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kota 71350 RM150 (USD50) RM150 (USD50)
Kuala Klawang 71600 - 71650 RM200 (USD66.6) RM150 (USD50)
Kuala Pilah 72000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Labu** 71900 - 71950 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Linggi 71150 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Mantin** 71700 - 71770 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Nilai** 71800 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Port Dickson** 71000 - 71010 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
71960 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Rantau** 71100 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
71200 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Rembau 71300 RM150 (USD50) RM150 (USD50)
71400 RM150 (USD50) RM150 (USD50)
Rompin 73500 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Seremban Town** 70000 - 70990 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Seremban Selatan** 71450 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Si Rusa** 71050 - 71059 RM150(USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
71250 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Tampin 73000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Tanjong Ipoh 71500 - 71559 RM200 (USD66.6) RM150 (USD50)

* Delivery Via Courier Only
** Delivery via Kuala Lumpur (PPG)

Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Balok, Bukit Goh 26050 - 26190 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Bentong**, Lurah Bilut** 28700 - 28800 RM250 (USD83.3) RM120 (USD40)
Bdr Pusat Jengka, Maran 26400 - 26500 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)*
Bukit Goh 26050 - 26070 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Chini, Muadzam Shah 26690 – 26700 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Damak, Jerantut 27030 - 27090 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)*
Gambang 26300 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Jerantut 27000 - 27020 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Karak** 28600 - 28620 RM250 (USD83.3) RM120 (USD40)
Kemayan 28340 - 28380 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Kuala Krau, Chenor, Triang 28050 - 28330 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)*
Kuala Lipis, Benta, Dong 27200 – 27400 RM200 (USD66.6) RM150 (USD50)
Kuala Rompin 26800 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)*
Kuantan Town 25000 - 26040 RM120 (USD40) RM30 (USD10)
Lanchang 28500 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Mentakab 28400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Padang Tengku 27100 27150 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Pekan 26600 - 26680 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Raub** 27600 - 27630 RM250 (USD83.3) RM120 (USD40)
Temerloh 28000 - 28040 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Genting Highland** 69000 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Sungai Koyan, Sega 27650 - 27670 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)*
Sungai Lembing 26200 - 26250 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)

* Delivery Via Courier Only
** Delivery via Kuala Lumpur (PPG)



Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Ayer Itam 11500 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Balik Pulau 11000 - 11060 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Bandar Bahru 14290, 14390 RM150 (USD50) RM100 (USD33.3)
Batu Feringgi 11100 - 11200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Batu Maung 11960 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Bayan Lepas 11800 – 11950 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Bukit Mertajam 14000 – 14020’ RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Butterworth 12000 - 13050 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
13400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Gelugor 11700 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Jelutong 11600 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Kepala Batas 13200 – 13220 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Kubang Semang 14400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Nibong Tebal 14300 - 14320 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Penaga 13100 - 13110 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Penang Hill 11300 - 11400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Perai, Butterworth 13600 - 13800 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Permatang Pauh 13500 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Pulau Pinang 10000 - 10990 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Simpang Ampat / Sg Jawi 14100 - 14200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Tasek Gelugor 13300 - 13310 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)



Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Ayer Tawar 32400 RM200 (USD66.6) RM60 (USD20)
Bagan Datoh, Selekoh 36100 - 36200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Bagan Serai, Kuala Kurau 34300 - 34350 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Batu Gajah 31000 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Batu Kurau, Simpang Ampat 34400 – 34520 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Bidor, Sungkai, Trolak 35500 – 35700 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Bota, Changkat Keruing 32500 - 32610 RM200 (USD66.6) RM60 (USD20)
Brinchang, Tanah Rata 39000 – 39100 RM250 (USD83.3) RM100 (USD33.3)
Bruas, Parit, Lambor Kanan 32700 – 32900 RM200 (USD66.6) RM60 (USD20)
Chenderong Balai, Langkap 36600 – 36700 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Changkat Jering 34850 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Chemor 31200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Chikus, Kg Gajah 36750 – 36810 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Enggor, Sauk 33500 – 33600 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Gerik, Lenggong 33300 – 33420 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Gopeng 31600 - 31610 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Hutan Melintang, Sg Sumun 36300 – 36400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Intan, Pengkalan Hulu 33100 - 33200 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Ipoh 30000 - 30990 RM120 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
31350, 31650 RM150 (USD40) RM30 (USD10)
Kampar 31900 – 31910 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Kamunting, Kuala Sepetang 34600 – 34650 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kuala Kangsar 33000 - 33040 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Lumut 32100 - 32200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Malim Nawar 31700 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Mambang Di Awan 31920 - 31950 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Matang, Simpang 34700 – 34750 RM150 (USD50) RM30 (USD10)
Manong, Padang Rengas 33700 - 33800 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Pangkor 32300 RM250 (USD83.3) RM120 (USD40)
Pantai Remis, Bandar Bahru 34900 - 34950 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Parit Buntar, Tj Piandang 34200 - 34250 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Pusing 31550 - 31560 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Rantau Panjang, Selama 34100 - 34140 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Ringlet 39200 RM250 (USD83.3) RM100 (USD33.3)
Sg Siput, Ulu Kinta 31050 - 31150 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Sitiawan 32000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Slim River 35800 – 35820 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Seri Manjung 32040 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Taiping Town 34000 - 34030 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Tanjong Malim**, Behrang** 35900 - 35950 RM250 (USD83.3) RM120 (USD40)
Tanjung Tualang, Jeram 31800 - 31850 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Tapah, Chengderiang 35000 – 35300 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Tapah Rd, Temoh 35350 – 35400 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Tj Rambutan, Kg Kepayang 31250 - 31300 RM150 (USD50) RM30 (USD10)
Teluk Intan Town 36000 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Trong 34800 RM150 (USD50) RM30 (USD10)
Tronoh 31750 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Ulu Bernam ** 36500 RM250 (USD83.3) RM120 (USD40)

* Delivery Via Courier Only
** Delivery via Kuala Lumpur (PPG)



Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Arau 2600 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Kangar 1000 - 1694 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
2400 - 2500 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Kuala Perlis 2000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Padang Besar 2100 - 2200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Simpang Ampat 2700 - 2800 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)



Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Asajaya, Kabong 94600 – 94650 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Balingian, Mukah 96350 – 96400 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Bintangor, Julau 96500 – 96600 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Baram, Bekenu, Lutong 98050 – 98150 RM200 (USD66.6) RM120 (USD40) *
Bau 94000 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Belaga, Kapit, Song 96800 - 96900 RM200 (USD66.6) RM120 (USD40) *
Belawai, Daro, Matu 96150 – 96250 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Betong, Engkilii, Lubok Antu 95700 – 95900 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Bintulu 97000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Dalat 96300 RM200 (USD66.6) RM120 (USD40) *
Debak, Saratok, Spaoh 95400 - 95600 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kota Samarahan, Siburan 94200 - 94300 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kuching Town 93000 - 93670 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Lawas, Sundar 98750 – 98850 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Limbang, Long Lama, Niah 98200 – 98700 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Lingga, Pusa 94900 – 94950 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Lundu 94500 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Miri 98000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Roban, Sri Aman 95000 – 95300 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Sarikei 96100 RM200 (USD66.6) RM120 (USD40) *
Sebauh, Tatau 97100 – 97300 RM200 (USD66.6) RM120 (USD40) *
Sebuyau, Simunjan 94800 – 94850 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Serian 94700 RM200 (USD66.6) RM120 (USD40) *
Sibu 96000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)

* Delivery Via Courier Only
** Delivery via Kuala Lumpur (PPG)


Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Beaufort, Sipitang 89800 - 89850 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Beluran, Kota Kinabatangan 90100 – 90200 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Keningau 89000 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kota Kinabalu 88000 - 88700 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kota Belud, Kota Marudu 89100 - 89150 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Kuala Penyu, Menumbok 89740 – 89760 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kudat 89050 RM200 (USD66.6) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kunak, Semporna 91200 – 91300 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Lahat Datu 91100 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Membakut, Tambunan 89650 – 89720 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Nabawan, Tenom 89900 – 89950 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Papar 89600 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Penampang, Ranau 89300 – 89500 RM150 (USD50) RM60 (USD20)
Sandakan 90000 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Tamparuli 89250 - 89260 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Tawau 91000 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Tuaran 89200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)



Area Postal Code Minimum Order Delivery Charge
Ajil 21800 – 21820 RM200 (USD66.6) RM100 (USD33.3)
Bukit Payong, Chalok 21400 - 21450 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Cukai, Ceneh, Ayer Puteh 24000 - 24060 RM200 (USD66.6) RM50 (USD16.6)
Dungun 23000 - 23050 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Jerteh, Permaisuri, Kg Raja 22000 - 22200 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kerteh 24300 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kijal, Kemasek 24100 - 24200 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Kuala Berang 21700 RM200 (USD66.6) RM60 (USD20)
Kuala Besut 22300 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)
Kuala Terengganu Town 20000 – 21309 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.60)
Marang 21600 - 21610 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Paka, Bukit Besi 23100 - 23400 RM150 (USD50) RM50 (USD16.6)
Sungai Tong 21500 RM150 (USD50) RM80 (USD26.6)


Delivery Area for Gifts

Non-flower Gifts are delivered personally by SISTER FLOWER & GIFTS dispatcher or via reputable courier service company. Currently we can deliver non-flower gifts within Malaysia and Singapore only.

Area Delivery Charge
Klang Valley (Refers to Free Dellivery Zone) *** MINIMUM ORDER
RM180  -  RM200
All states within Peninsular Malaysia Min RM35 - RM80 (USD11.5 - USD26.6 )
Major towns in East Malaysia By Weight and

Important Information

For redirection of orders, a surcharge of RM30  will be applicable. If redirection is not made on the same day, there will be a 25% charge. A 50% cancellation charge will be imposed if the arrangement has been made or if delivery has been attempted.

Sister Flower & Gifts will not accept responsibilities for late or non-deliveries under the following conditions:-

  1. Recipient is not present at the address given within those hours during which delivery was requested to take place.
  2. The address given was incorrect.
  3. No such person at the given address.
  4. No valid contact number was given for us to make reasonable attempts to contact the recipient in order to execute the order successfully.

Delivery Policy

Orders received before 1.00 p.m. Malaysian Time (GMT + 8.00) on weekdays and Saturday will be delivered on the same day, unless specified otherwise.

Orders made after 1.00 p.m. Malaysian Time (GMT + 8.00) on Saturday and Sunday will be delivered on the following Monday (excluding holidays and festive seasons).

To guarantee the availability of stocks for peak season delivery like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, please order at least 3 working days in advance (in addition to Sundays, other festive seasons and public holidays). Place your order earlier and we will try our utmost best to meet your desired delivery date and time. In certain areas, due to unavailability of delivery service, delivery requested on Sunday or Public Holiday may delivered “a day earlier” or “a day after” the requested date.

After placing an order, you will receive an E-mail confirmation from us. This E-mail contains your order number as well as a summary of your order.

Should a problem arise, you will be contacted via E-mail with an explanation of the problem, along with a phone number that can be used to contact our customer service.

Please note that seasonal conditions may affect the supply of certain kind of flowers. Specific colors may not always be available. In some extreme cases, substitution may be necessary to fulfill your floral and container requirements. The dimensions given for arrangement s are mere approximations. However, you may refer to them as general guideline of the flowers' sizes.

Not withstanding the above, occasionally the delivery could be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control.

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